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Alaska Iditarod Tour 2019 | Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

Join the Iditarod Sled Dog Race Alaska in 2019 ! We offer a variety of tours: Iditarod Sled Dog Race from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska Iditarod Flightseeing Tours, Iditarod Trail Headquarter Wasilla, Anchorage Musher Banquet Tickets, Iditarod Trail Checkpoint Sightseeing, Anchorage Fur Rendezvous, Alaska Dog Mushing, Historic Iditarod Trail Info. Witness the Iditarod Race Start on Anchorage’s 4th Avenue and customize your own program with options to attend the Musher's banquet, private kennel visits, fly-outs to remote checkpoints at famous Rainy Pass, McGrath, Nikolai or White Mountain. Overnight in a wilderness lodge along the Iditarod Trail where you can watch the mushers and their dog teams passing by or take a trip to Nome on the Bering Sea to witness the Iditarod Musher crossing the finishing line after an exhilarating trip of 1100 Miles.

ID-01 Iditarod | The Race Start in Anchorage and Willow
07 Days from | to Anchorage

Experience the Iditarod Race Start on Anchorage's 4th Avenue and the Restart in Willow. This tour includes the visit to a sled dog kennel and an exhilarating sled dog ride, Iditarod Presentation and the Musher's Banquet Tickets. Customize your preferred Iditarod program around the flexible tour package with many options: Join a city sightseeing tour of Anchorage, Prince William Sound glacier cruise, ski for a day at the Alyeska Resort  - Alaska's largest ski area, or choose from various fly-out options to remote Iditarod race checkpoints around famous Rainy Pass, Finger Lakes, the Yentna River or Nikolai with overnights in wilderness lodges within the Alaska Range foothills. Alternatively take a trip to Nome on the shores of the Bering Sea to observe the action when the first Iditarod Musher arrives after an exhilarating trip of 1100 Miles.

ID-02 Iditarod | Start and Checkpoints Race Action
07 Days from / to Anchorage

This seven day Iditarod tour package covers the highly active Iditarod ceremonial start in downtown Anchorage, the re-start activities in Willow and two extremely scenic checkpoint flights to Nikolai and Rainy Pass - within the magnificent Alaska Mountain Range. Our tour services include: overnights in centrally located superior or first-class hotels, individual airport transfers, Musher's Banquet Tickets, sightseeing and of course the two exciting checkpoint fly-outs. This is the perfect itinerary for our independent and active travelers who strive to experience some highlights of the Last Great Race on Earth for the first time. Join us and get an unforgettable insight view and first hand race information from the toughest sled dog race.

ID-03 Iditarod | Iditarod Highlights & Northern Lights Viewing 
09 Days from Anchorage to Fairbanks

This tour combines the Highlights of the Iditarod Race, a scenic trip with the Alaska Railroad to Fairbanks and the Northern Lights. Witness the highly active Iditarod Ceremonial Start in downtown Anchorage, the re-start activities in Willow and the extremely scenic checkpoint flight to Rainy Pass within the magnificent Alaska Mountain Range. Travel with the famous Alaska Railroad along the magnificent snow covered Alaska Mountain Range to Fairbanks. Chena Hot Springs Resort provides some of Alaska's most perfect and almost 100 % guaranteed Northern Lights viewing in a remote wilderness setting just below the Arctic Circle.


Group Bookings only (minimum group participants: 6 adults):

IDG-01 Iditarod | Chase the Race (+ Iditarod Trail Lodge) 
09 Days from / to Anchorage

The all inclusive, adventurous and yet very affordable Iditarod tour package. The tour includes: the Iditarod Ceremonial Race Start on Anchorage's 4th Avenue, the Iditarod Race Re-Start in Willow, Fly-out to Rainy Pass checkpoint within the magnificent Alaska Range and to Nikolai checkpoint, a native village. Highlight of the tour is the overnight stay at a remote Alaska wilderness lodge, located near Skwentna and right next to the Iditarod Trail. Watch the Iditarod sled dog teams mush by the wilderness lodge on Sunday night while warming your hands on the bonfire. The remote location offers the great chance to watch the aurora borealis dancing on the night sky. This is the ideal tour itinerary for the true Iditarod Fan and active traveler. You may extend your Iditarod Race experience and choose additional fly-out trips, dog mushing and sightseeing tours.

IDG-02 Iditarod | From Anchorage to Nome
16 Days from / to Anchorage

Enjoy the Iditarod Race Start on Anchorage's 4th Avenue and the bustling preparation of the teams in the morning, a trip to the re-start ceremony in Willow or Wasilla, a visit of an Iditarod veteran, ski plane fly-outs to Rainy Pass and Nikolai checkpoint within the Alaska Mountain Range as well as to the most interesting native village checkpoints along the shores of the frozen Bering Sea. You'll overnight at a wilderness lodges with excellent Aurora Viewing, in first class city hotels and small inns in Nome and the Native communities in northern Alaska. Witness the finishing of the race live in Nome when the first Iditarod Sled Dog Team arrives after an exhilarating trip of 1100 Miles throughout the most rugged, remote and challenging regions of Alaska. The ideal itinerary for the adventurous traveler. 

IDG-03 Iditarod | Nome, Native Villages and Checkpoints
07 Days from / to Anchorage

This 7-day program provides always the best and up-to-date race action - guaranteed. Just fly to Nome and leave the rest of the logistic to us. We continuously monitor and gather information about the ongoing race to find out were the top mushers currently are. According to the information you'll fly you out to a particular checkpoint with a lot of race action and do not waste your valuable vacation time on a checkpoint with no race activities at all. During the winter of 1925 a diphtheria epidemic raged among Inuit in the Nome area.Fierce territory wide blizzard conditions prevented delivery of a life-saving serum by airplane from Anchorage. A relay of dog teams was organized to deliver the serum.


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