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Discover the unparalleled beauty of Valdez in the heart of Prince William Sound. Witness massive tidewater glaciers like Columbia Glacier, where chunks of ice calve into the ocean. Board a wildlife cruise to spot sea otters, seals, and whales in the pristine waters. Embark on kayaking adventures, navigating through majestic fjords and icebergs. Hike the scenic trails of Shoup Bay State Marine Park, unveiling panoramic vistas. Immerse yourself in the town's rich history at the Valdez Museum and Historical Archive. With opportunities for fishing, heli-skiing, and exploring the breathtaking Keystone Canyon, Valdez offers an unforgettable Alaskan experience. Valdez is an integral highlight in our curated driving tour packages and rail/drive combo tours. Whether by road or rail/road combo tour, discover the breathtaking beauty of Alaska with seamless itineraries that make every moment unforgettable.  


VALS#01 Prince William Sound and Columbia Glacier Cruise

Prince William Sound is one of the most spectacular and unspoiled wildernesses in the world. Take a cruise on the LuLu Belle and view majestic blue glaciers explode into its calm fjords. Humpback, killer, Minke, and Grey whales rise from dark waters, surface and spray with clouds of breath into the clear Alaskan air. Seals, Stellar sea lions, and otters sun themselves on frozen rafts of ice. Visit the mighty Columbia Glacier, the second-largest tidewater glacier in the North America and largest in Prince William Sound. Experience the results of the rapid calving of a glacier in retreat. Duration: 7-hours

Departure: Daily at 10:30 am    Rate: $ 176.00


VALS#2 Columbia Glacier and Wildlife Cruise

If your time or budget is more limited, you may want to consider to join our relaxed 6-hour Columbia Glacier Cruise. The journey throughout Prince William Sound will feature a visit at the Columbia Glacier area where you have a chance to view history in the making as Columbia Glacier retreats back into the Chugach Mountains. In addition to the amazing ancient ice pack of the Columbia Bay you have the opportunity for wildlife along the way that calls the Sound home and to learn about the mining, oil shipping, earthquake, and fishing history of the area. On board a light meal is served. 

Departure: Daily 10:30 am     Rate: $ 165.00


VALS#03 Columbia Glacier Sea Kayaking Tour

The largest tidewater glacier in Prince William Sound and the second largest in the entire state of Alaska, Columbia Glacier is 25 miles from Valdez and covers more than 400 square miles. The face is more than 3 miles wide and is rapidly moving backward at a rate of 4 feet per day in the summer! Enjoy an hour boat ride to the glacier, then kayak amid towering icebergs, gliding through bays that are completely inaccessible by motorized boats, and observe sea otters and harbor seals hauled out on the ice floes. Keep a close lookout for sea lions, bears and, quite often, whales! Hike on recently uncovered landscape and in the adjacent old growth forest. Duration: 10-hours

Departure: Daily at 8:00 am        Rate: $349.00


VALS#04 Shoup Glacier Sea Kayaking Tour

The Shoup Glacier 8-hour tour offers an intimate experience at one of Alaska's beautiful tidewater glaciers. Climb aboard our motor boat for a taxi ride to Shoup Bay where we will begin this scenic kayak journey. Over the course of the day we will paddle past floating ice, past a nesting colony of Black-Legged Kittiwakes, and up to the face of the glacier. Enjoy a short walk on the beach and a lunch spot with a colorful glacier view (you bring your own lunch). At the end of the paddle we will be picked up by the motorboat for the ride back to Valdez. Lunch is taken at the face of Shoup Glacier, which calves on a regular basis. Transportation is provided to and from Shoup Bay entrance by chartered vessel.

Departure: Daily              Rate: $245.00


VALS#05 Valdez History Tour

For those who have less time there is a short tour along the Valdez Port. On this tour, you will travel through a tidewater area rich in birds, sea otters and occasional seal and sea lions, and eagles. The guide will offer a history of the Valdez area, especially the old Valdez site. The tour is suitable for younger travelers.

Departure: On Request         Rate: $85.00


VALS#06 Salmon Fishing OR Halibut Fishing Charter

Valdez halibut or salmon fishing is unique because of the tours that go along with the trip. Most fishing takes place 50-80 miles from Valdez, on the way you can expect to see whales, porpoise, sea lions, seals, bears, eagles, and many other species of birds. To top off an amazing trip it all takes place in the natural beauty of Prince William Sound, with hanging glaciers on the mountain sides and seemingly endless waterfalls. Salmon and halibut fishing are both excellent within Prince William Sound. Best time is from July until September. Duration: 5-hours (Salmon) 12-hours (Halibut)

Departure: Daily    Rate: $ 355.00 (Salmon Fishing)  |   $355.00 (Halibut Fishing)


VALS#07 Columbia and Meares Glacier Cruise

This 9-hour tour is perfect to discover all of what Prince William Sound has to offer - amazing glaciers, exciting wildlife and a rich history. Cruise the majestic water of Prince William Sound from Valdez to Meares Glacier. In route our captains will travel the shorelines looking for the critters that call the Sound home. This tour has the time to travel the locations where we typically spot sea otters, harbor seals, sea lions, Humpback or Orca Whales, porpoise, eagles, puffins, cormorants and more. Our captain will share with you stories about the history of the Sound from early explorers, gold and copper mining, oil shipping, commercial fishing and the 1964 earthquake. Lunch and afternoon soup snack is served.

Departure: Daily at  9:00 am         Rate: $185.00


VALS#08 Tonsina River Rafting / 7 Hours

One of the most popular rafting adventures in our area is on the Tonsina River. This river provides class III to IV whitewater, in a pristine wilderness setting. The river flows along the northern edge of the Chugach Mountains, through the low spruce forests of the Tonsina Valley. We often see eagles, ducks, moose, bear and several varieties of salmon that travel up the Tonsina. We travel thirty five river miles, in approximately six hours. Also we provide great Fishing rafting for King, Red and Silver Salmon, Dolly Warden, Graylings. Trip departs daily 8:30 AM

Departure: Daily 8:30 am      Rate: $255.00 Rafting |  $395.00 Fishing  

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