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Kenai Fjords Cruise from Seward, Alaska | Prince William Sound Cruise Tours

Welcome to Kenai Fjords National Park | Kenai Fjords Cruise - Calving Glaciers, Whale Watching and Outdoor Adventures

Located at the terminus of the Alaska Railroad and the Seward Highway, and an embarkation/disembarkation port for many cruises, Seward with it's 2,619 residents is easily accessible from Anchorage and serves as a base for anybody who likes to engage in outdoor activities such as: kayaking, hiking, fishing, whale watching and glacier viewing onboard the popular Kenai Fjords Cruise. Seward also serves as the gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park. Created in 1980, Kenai Fjords spreads over 587,000 acres and is crowned by the massive Harding Ice Field from which countless tidewater glaciers pour down into coastal fjords. Here the south-central part of the state tumbles into the Gulf of Alaska; here the land challenges the sea with talonlike peninsulas and rocky headlands, while the sea itself reaches inland with long fjords and hundreds of quiet bays and coves. The ancient ice gouged out Kenai's fjords, creating habitats for throngs of sea birds and mammals. About 20 species of seabirds nest along the rocky coastline; the most charismatic of the birds are clown-faced puffins. Bald eagles swoop along the towering cliffs, and peregrine falcons hunt over the outer islands. Seabirds, by the tens of thousands, migrate or congregate here. About 27 land and 10 marine mammals, including harbor seals, Steller sea lions, and sea otters, live here. 

Rail Tours | Self Drive Tours | Accommodation

Kenai Fjords Glacier Cruise Seward, Kenai Fjords Cruise, Seward Whale Watching, Prince William Sound Cruise Valdez and Columbia Glacier Sightseeing Cruise Tour Packages from Anchorage, Seward and Valdez. Individual daily departures with the Alaska Railroad, by Motorcoach, Van, a Rental Car of your choice or individual arrivals. All tours may be individually customized to meet your specific requirements. We can also arrange specific pre | post Cruise Tours.

 KEP#01 Kenai Fjords Cruise | Rail Tour Anchorage 02 Days +
 KEP#02 Kenai Fjords Cruise  | Self Drive Tour Anchorage 02 Days +
 KEP#04 Kenai Peninsula | Self Drive Tour Anchorage 05 Days +
 KEP#05 Alyeska & Prince William Sound | Rail Tour Anchorage 03 Days +
 KEP#03 Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge | Rail Tour Anchorage, Seward 04 Days +
 KEP#06 Fox Island Wilderness Lodge | Rail Tour Anchorage, Seward 03 Days +
 KEP#07 Individual Hotel Accommodation Seward 02 Days +


Kenai Fjords Cruise | Prince William Sound Cruise, Sightseeing Tours and Wildlife Observation

Choose from a variety of Kenai Fjords Glacier Cruises, Prince William Sound and Columbia Glacier Cruises. Our premium wildlife and glacier cruise excursions are introducing visitors to the majestic tidewater glaciers, whales and other marine wildlife within Northwestern Fjord, Aialik - and Columbia Bay. Seward and Valdez are offering also very productive halibut and salmon fishing opportunities. All tours with guaranteed daily departures !

 Kenai Fjords Cruise  Seward  Day Tours
 Prince William Sound Cruise  Whittier  Day Tours
 Valdez Sightseeing | Glacier Cruises Valdez  Day Tours


Multi Day Softadventure Tours | Wildlife Observation

Discover Kenai Fjords National Park and Prince William Sound. Our very affordable, professionally guided sea-kayaking and prime wildlife observation tours with only 8 clients and 2 guides throughout Alaska’s magnificent backcountry are the experience of a lifetime. Kayaking within the protected fjords are offering up-close-and-personal views of massive tidewater glacier, magnificent scenery and abounded marine wildlife.

 KEH#01 Kayak Tour | Aialik Bay Seward 03 Days +
 KEH#02 Kayak Tour | Blackstone Bay Whittier 04 Days +
 KEH#03 Kayak Tour | Harriman Fjord Whittier 04 Days +
 KEH#04 Kayak Tour | Chenega & Whale Bay Whittier 05 Days +
 VAL#04 Kayak Tour | Shoup Glacier & Sawmill Bay Valdez 03 Days +

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