Lake Clark National Park | World-Class Fishing, Hiking, Rafting and Wildlife Viewing in Alaska

Lake Clark is one of Alaska’s most diverse and stunning national parks to visit. It is hard to be in awe of crystal clear mountain lakes reflecting massive glaciers and active volcanoes. Now throw in herds of caribou, roving bears, and countless seabirds. Not enough beauty? Imagine dense forests and miles of tundra stretching into the sunset. All of that, and more, is concentrated in one percent or in roughly 104 million acres within the state of Alaska - in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. The national park is open year-round, though most travelers visit between June and September. Plan your visit for summer: During late June, wildflowers are in full bloom and provide some amazing views. For fall foliage wildlife viewing or photography plan a trip during August or late September. Lake Clark National Park and Preserve offers world class bear viewing. The Alaska Peninsula coastal bear habitat includes unique sedge filled meadows in close proximity to salmon filled rivers. This coastal habitat, while patchy, stretches through Katmai National Park and Preserve and into Lake Clark National Park and includes the extensive meadows of Chinitna Bay, Tuxedni Bay and Silver Salmon Creek. These sites offer some outstanding brown bear viewing and support a variety of marine mammals such as sea lions, beluga whales, harbor seals and porpoises.

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Our program features guided bear viewing trips for the adventurous. Lake Clark, 40 miles long, and many other lakes and rivers within the park are critical salmon habitat to the Bristol Bay salmon fishery, one of the largest sockeye salmon fishing grounds in the world. Numerous lake and river systems in the park and preserve offer excellent fishing and wildlife viewing. In addition Alaska’s world-class adventure destination provides excellent rafting opportunities on the designated “ Alaska Wild and Scenic Rivers “ such as the Telaquana, Mulchatna, Chilikadrotna and Newhalen Rivers. Please contact us for any individual tour request or requirements.

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