Katmai Sightseeing Tour Excursions and Fishing Trips

Katmai National Park is located on the northeast coast of the Alaska Peninsula. Among all his diversity, the park boasts the largest population (more than 2.000) of protected brown bears in the world. During the peak of the world's largest sockeye salmon run each July, and during return of the "spawned out" salmon in September - forty to sixty bears congregate in Brooks Camp along the Brooks River, Naknek Lake and the Brooks Lake shorelines. Many visitors are concentrating their activities along Brooks River, where brown bear congregate to feed on sockeye salmon as they pass upstream. Two bear viewing platforms are located right above the falls.


Valley of the 10.000 Smokes

The June 1912 eruption of Novarupta Volcano altered the Katmai area dramatically. Severe earthquakes rocked the area for a week before Novarupta exploded with cataclysmic force. Enormous quantities of hot, glowing pumice and ash were ejected from Novarupta and nearby fissures. This material flowed over the terrain, destroying all life in its path. Trees upslope were snapped off and carbonized by the blasts of hot wind and gas. For several days ash, pumice, and gas were ejected and a haze darkened the sky over most of the Northern Hemisphere. When it was over, more than 65 square kilometers (40 square miles) of lush green land lay buried beneath volcanic deposits as much as 200 meters (700 feet) deep. The whole valley as far as the eye could reach was full of hundreds, no thousands - literally, tens of thousands - of smokes curling up from its fissured floor. One thousand steam vents reached 150 meters (500 feet) in the air, some more than 300 meters (1,000 feet). Such marvels inspired explorers on the next year's expedition. The 23-Mile drive to Overlook Cabin is broken up with stops for scenic views and wildlife viewing. Those interested may hike down with the tour guide to examine the ash and pumice "Valley" floor. Daily Departures: 9:00 am | $96.00 including Lunch


Guided Day Fishing Trips

Sport fishing opportunities within the boundaries of Katmai National Park are world-renowned. Brooks River (restricted to fly fishing) and Naknek Lake are offering an excellent Rainbow and Lake Trout population, Sockeye Salmon runs - in season, and Arctic Grayling fishing. Seasonal Highlights: June with 19 h. of daylight and hot Rainbow Trout fishing, July - a large and consistent number of Sockeye Salmon are entering the river system. Although many visitors may prevent a quality fishing time. August and September - a great time for Rainbow Trout fishing after the salmon are beginning to spawn. Including: Boat & Guide Service Daily availability $210.00 Full Day / Minimum 2 Clients $145.00 Half Day / Minimum 2 Clients $300.00 Full Day Fly-out / Minimum 2 Clients